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The Risks of DIY Rug Cleaning

Jul 3, 2024 | Rug Cleaning

The Risks of DIY Rug Cleaning

Some things are just better left to the pros. Your rugs are definitely one of those things. We know that as a professional rug cleaner, that may come off a bit biased. But we aren’t talking about simple vacuuming here. We’re talking about the difficult, necessary deep clean to rid your rug of stains, odors, and allergens. With how expensive and useful your rugs are, the last thing you need is to accidentally destroy it while attempting a DIY rug cleaning.

The 5 Most Common Risks to Avoid

You may still be wondering what exactly could go wrong by renting a rug cleaning machine and attempting to deep clean your rug on your own. As a rug cleaning company who has seen it all, these are the 5 most risks to avoid. They definitely double as a reason to just call in the pros.

Dyes Running

Do you know what kind of dyes were used in your rug? Chances are, you do not. And that would also mean that you don’t know what kind of solutions will not cause those dyes to run. Using just any old store bought solution can lead to bleeding dyes which ultimately destroy the look of your rug.


A running dye is a terrible thing. So is a discolored dye. The harsh chemicals found in many DIY solutions, such as bleach, will cause your rug to change colors. While you’re trying to just remove a stain, you will just make the situation worse.

Too Much Water

Water shouldn’t just sit in your rug. Unless you like mold and mildew growth. Obviously, some water will be needed, but managing your water use on your own will often lead to excess moisture. Especially because a lot of solutions you find in a store will contain a certain amount of water you might not be accounting for. 

Hurting the Fibers

Rugs can be made of a number of different materials. That means certain fibers will be more delicate than other. Scrubbing at the fabric in order to dislodge dust and dirt could actually do irreparable damage to these more delicate fibers or, at the very least, impact their longevity.

Not Thorough Enough

You might be thinking, “Okay, well I’ll just be exceptionally gentle.” That’s not a bad strategy per say, but the question is, will you still be effective? Being too gentle can reduce the aesthetic risks of DIY rug cleaning, but the dirt that is left behind creates friction between the rug’s fibers and can cause further damage to its fibers. 

Gallatin Valley Chem-Dry Offers Superior Rug Cleaning in Bozeman

Whether it’s for area or oriental rug cleaning in Bozeman, you can count on the team here at Gallatin Valley Chem-Dry. We are new, local business that’s hungry to get the job done right for you.

Our team of rug cleaning experts have experience with rugs of all types and will determine the best individual treatment for your specific rug. During an in-home rug analysis, we will identify your rug’s exact construction to know exactly how to clean it the right way. But what makes us different than even the other rug cleaners in the area?

We’re glad you asked! Our carbonated cleaning solutions are the main thing. They allow us to use less water which leads to a gentle, yet effective clean that will help to remove stains, odors and allergens. Even those pesky pet urine stains are no match for the power of Chem-Dry. Plus, the low water use will lead to a faster dry time ensuring you can start using your rug again in no time. Give us a call today at (406) 284-8688.

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